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Natural History Museum of Lyon / France

The Natural History MuseumGuimet or museum of natural history of Lyon , (Confluences museum).
The Guimet Museum of Natural History was formed in xix th century by various collections grouping. Originally, it was established in the 1620s by two brothers, Gaspard de Liergues and Balthasar de Monconys. In 1772 sold to the municipality and officially became a city museum under the name of “Academic Museum of the Town Hall”.

Botanical Garden of Istanbul university, Turkey

Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden of Istanbul University

AHBG has a recognized position as the oldest and richest botanical garden in Turkey. This botanical garden established by late Prof. Alfred Heilbronn in 1934 and began to operate in 1935 under the name of İ.Ü. Botanik Bahçesi (I.U.Botanical Garden – Hortus Botanicus Istanbulensis).

There were 23 pools in the garden, 15 of them are in the greenhouses, 8 in a natural environment, and some of them are heated. There is also a rock garden of 430 m².

The AHBG contributes to the education of undergraduate students of Biology every year; interesting samples from the world of plants are presented to primary and secondary education students and to people who live in Istanbul and surroundings and also to foreign researchers and guests.

Botanical Collections of AHBG
Based on resources, the garden covers an area of 15,000 m². In total, about 6000 plant specimens, both native and exotic, from different taxonomical categories including Ferns, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are exhibited in the garden.

Flora of Turkey
Turkey has a rich and interesting flora with approximately 9000 vascular plant species (10,765 taxa) from 165 families.
3000 plant species approximately are endemic for Turkey (around 35%). It has a wide diversity of habitats and climatic conditions resulting from geological, topographical and continental characteristics of Anatolia as a meeting place of three phytogeographical regions including Euro-Siberian, Mediterranean, and Irano-Turanian.

*The time I visited this garden, July 2021, the garden was closed because of some constructional or administrative reason, but I was very lucky to find a researcher by coincidence who kindly accepted to guide me discovering the garden and the herbarium.

*All photos photographed by smartphone: Samsung A32

Insects hotel / هتل حشرات


در برخی از کشورها، هتل حشرات برای جذب حشرات در باغها و مزارع ساخته میشه، کشاورزان و باغداران برای جذب حشرات، چنین سازه هایی رو با استفاده از عناصر موجود و ترجیحا طبیعی، در باغها یا مزارع خودشون میسازند.

حشرات به گرده افشانی و افزایش محصول کمک میکنند، ضمن اینکه برخی از آفات رو میخورند، و خودشون هم مورد تغذیه پرندگان و موجودات دیگه قرار میگیرند و این چرخه ادامه دار خواهد بود. چنین ایده ای تا حدودی کمک به ساخت یک اکوسیستم طبیعی و حفظ بیودایورسیتی میکنه و باعث میشه تا محیطی نسبتا وحشی برای موجودات اون باغ یا مزرعه فراهم بشه. (عکسهای بالا از یک پارک طبیعی در فرانسه گرفته شده)

تصاویری از انواع متفاوت این هتلها:

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Noshahr botanical garden – باغ گیاهشناسی نوشهر