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Flora of Lloret del Mar, Catalonia, Spain

The town of Lloret del Mar is located in the southern part of the Costa Brava in Catalonia (Spain), and it has 9 km of coastline and 27 km of forest. It borders Vidreres and Maçanet de la Selva to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, Tossa de Mar to the north, and Blanes to the south.

Lloret de Mar has a coastal Mediterranean climate, with temperatures always much softer due to thermal effect moderator of the sea. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that the Mediterranean is a warm sea all year round, which means that the characteristic moderation of temperatures is more noticeable in winter than in summer. The summer dry period normally lasts three months and the maximum rainfall occurs in the autumn months.



Cistus salviifolius L., - Cistaceae


Scandix sp. - Apiaceae


Euphorbia sp. - Euphorbiaceae


Crepis sp. - Asteraceae


Crepis sp. - Asteraceae


6 Brassicaceae




8 Asteraceae, Lactuceae




Helichrysum sp. - Asteraceae


Pinus halepensis - Pinaceae


Quercus sp. - Fagaceae


Rosmarinus sp. - Lamiaceae


Optia sp. - Cactaceae


Sedum sp. - Crassulaceae

Sedum sp. - Crassulaceae




Asparagus sp. - Asparagaceae


Spartium sp. - Fabaceae


Genista linifolia L. - Fabaceae


Phyla sp. - Verbenaceae


Coronilla valentina L. - Fabaceae


23 - Asteraceae





Rhamnus sp. - Rhamnaceae


Spartium sp. - Fabaceae


Carpobrotus edulis - Aizoaceae




29 - Cactaceae


Ficus sp. - Moraceae


Citrus sp. - Rutaceae






Rosa banksiae - Rosaceae



Eriobotrya japonica (Mespilus japonica) - Rosaceae


Acacia sp. - Fabaceae


Centranthus ruber - Caprifoliaceae


Convolvulus sp. -


Galactites tomentosus Moench - Asteraceae


 40 Polypodium sp. - Polypodiaceae


Asparagus sp. Asparagaceae


- Arecaceae




Lathyrus sp. Fabaceae


Urospermum delachampii - Asteraceae

Anagalis arvensis - Myrsinaceae


Trifolium sp. - Fabaceae


Silene sp. - Caryophyllaceae


Malva sp. - Malvaceae


Quercus sp. - Fagaceae


Carduus sp. - Asteraceae


Asparagus sp. - Asparagaceae


Cistus sp. - Cistaceae


54  Alyssum sp. - Brassicaceae


Lathyrus sp. Fabaceae


Tuberaria guttata - Cistaceae




Lavandula sp. - Lamiaceae


Geranium sp.  - Geraniaceae


60 cf. Cortaderia - Poaceae



Plantago sp. - Plantaginaceae


Verbascum boerhavii L. - Scrophulariaceae


Lobularia maritima
 - Brassicaceae


Dorycnium sp. - Fabaceae


65  Polypodium sp. - Polypodiaceae


Quercus sp.  -


Anchusa arvensis - Boraginaceae

Papaver sp. -  Papaveraceae


sp. - Rosaceae

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